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Round 14 Results

*Canberra 22 vs Sharks (+1.5) 20
Gold Coast (+1.5) 20 vs *Warriors 24
NQld 26 vs *Wests Tigers (+2.5) 26
*Melbourne 34 vs Newcastle (+7.5) 4
Souths 18 vs *Penrith (+6.5) 19
*Parramatta 38 vs Brisbane (+1.5) 10
*Manly 34 vs St.George (+4.5) 14
*Roosters 38 vs Bulldogs (+13.5) 12

*denotes Handicap winner
Next Weeks Games

Wests Tigers vs Souths
St.George vs NQld
Roosters vs Melbourne
Gold Coast vs Manly
Newcastle vs Brisbane
Parramatta vs Canberra
Warriors vs Penrith
Bulldogs vs Sharks

home teams listed first
Information, Changes and Summary

Winner $120 Handicap Knockout No.2 Karen Escott.  Everyone's back in for Knockout No.3 - you must select at least two winners to stay alive

Top Score this Round - 21pts Froggy Smith (average 11.2pts)

Rds 9-16 Overall leading scores - 84pts Charbel Hatem, 77pts Dean Stapleton and Peter Escott
Rds 9-16 Handicap leading scores - 33pts Olga Lauricella, Reg Walsh and Dean Stapleton

Finals Series Competition (refer to Finals Series Entry page for complete scores)
A-Z Top 3 Teams - B 529pts, K 528pts, J and L 514pts
(add the scores of the top 3 players linked to the letter)
Leading Handicap Club/s - Cba, Manly 64%

** Your screen is too narrow to view all Tipster Ladder columns **

Tipster Ladder
Finals SeriesRound 14 ScoresPrevious RoundsAll UpRounds 9-17
11Karen Escott*BBull761310169172185393069
28Tony HarrisIParra96159962163178402769
32Geoff ClayJNewc100109868168178412972
44Lionel WilliamsonKRoost94139963164177392867
53Peter EscottLManly821010263167177453077
610Michael BownABris861410553162176412366
76Neil TaylorKMelb94139964163176443175
87Belinda BlayneyDGC941310162163176442872
99BJ MaloneKRoost94139864162175432770
1013Mario SimonettiPWT104149761160174342256
1111Chris RyanBWar941310457161174423173
125Reg WalshGNewc5499864164173403375
1325Peter DempseyJPenr109199754151170402969
1421Charbel HatemLShks1261810050152170533184
1522Rocky PeruginiOWar1261810250152170472269
1614Robert GrayMSouth74119861159170352055
1712John PurcellBBull7299566161170392968
1817John GalluzzoLShks92119957156167432770
1934Ken WilsonMGC126189947148166402060
2026Marc TaylorJPenr96159853151166422264
2115Mark YoungLManly5279663159166312657
2219Greg NoyesABris6289363156164342963
2316Anthony SheedyGPenr52710255157164442670
2445Deane RowleyHNQld126188757144162362460
2530Barry SpenceMGC94139950149162392463
2631Greg ChalmersKMelb94139752149162351651
2728Danny WhiteAWT84129258150162362561
2829Steve StantonPBris74119555150161332457
2923Vince NevinLShks7299953152161392766
3018Michael BlaserEManly5059660156161332154
3158Clint WallisJNewc99188854142160332558
3240Russell BoynsNCba96159451145160372057
3324Marion WestonJNewc7299457151160332962
3447Shea MoorCCba96159846144159351853
3539James IrvingDGC86149253145159382462
3641David DowneyGPenr86149550145159362460
3736John BradridgeHNQld94139155146159311647
3837Mark OBrienGNewc94139848146159392261
3927Maurice CurachCCba6289556151159322658
4020Dean StapletonKMelb4049164155159443377
4150Connie SpenceLManly96159449143158412667
4249Paul JacombsHParra86149350143157382664
4344John DicksonAWT94139054144157291948
4433Peter NobleGPenr5499157148157362763
4553Tom FrankKRoost94139746143156361652
4643Simon ByronMGC74119649145156351853
4735Robert RaynerHParra7299452146155312253
4879Michael HarrisABris126188254136154372461
4961Maria RootsCStG94139150141154392463
5063Robbie BashaNStG94138655141154362763
5164Gerry BraddonEShks94139447141154371653
5254Jim HenneyCCba74118855143154332659
5342Peter DavidsonCStG7299053145154332053
5432Trevor CollinsFMelb5059453149154332255
5565Ashton CarmichaelDSouth94139842140153422466
5655John MaloneFMelb74119151142153453176
5759John HermsenEManly74119250142153391857
5868Olga LauricellaOBull94139049139152433376
5962Ross CaveOWar74119150141152362460
6057Ross KingFRoost82108951142152362460
6152Alan KatzmannINQld7299350143152382260
6260Terry RowneyIParra64109051141151402868
6356Dave HarveyBBull7299448142151312253
6448Peter HannahPBris6289053143151412667
6551Jemima ToddPBris8088954143151442872
6646Peter ToddMSouth43710143144151331851
6738Phil ToddOBull4269154145151322658
6876Max WoodOBull94138849137150301545
6967Gary PhillipsFRoost82109149140150401555
7078Les NikoCCba76139143136149372259
7173JT FelschHNQld74118850138149332457
7274Gary ArmitageDGC74118848138149331851
7372Lump RamsayMSouth64108950139149301848
7484Aaron ShieldsOWar96158350133148332457
7575Steve MulallyNCba74119146137148371855
7677Shaun FroggattBWar74119146137148332053
7769Steve WestonNCba7299148139148412061
7870Tony CliftBWar7298950139148372259
7966Clive GrayAWT6289347140148321648
8083The ChampsCStG94138944133146332457
8185Mary MoroneyINQld94138449133146311950
8286Vanessa McCoyNStG76138250132145352661
8371Danny DowneyGNewc4049544139143341044
8481Joe BromhamDSouth5279045135142362561
8580Clint AdamsBBull7078550135142372259
8694Niall KearneyJPenr94138542127140331649
8792Wasim KhanEManly74118742129140352459
8889Fernandos ChickenPWT100108248130140361450
8987Teagan CaveINQld7298348131140332053
9088Lyn McGovernDSouth7298247131140271441
9191Peter MaloneFMelb7298446130139271239
9293David RootsNStG74118245127138331851
9390Mark AdamsEShks5278545130137302353
9495John McGovernEShks74118441125136292150
9582Annie MustowFRoost1238053133136303161
9697John ByrnesIParra86147248120134262046
9798Froggy SmithPWT129217536111132261945
9896Greg MeehanHParra3038241123126311849
9999Danny HannahABris2357235107112271845
Round 13 Results

Souths 12 vs *Newcastle (+5.5) 20
Wests Tigers 0 vs *Canberra (+1.5) 28
Warriors (+4.5) 10 vs *Melbourne 32
*Sharks 42 vs Parramatta (+4.5) 22
NQld 20 vs *Manly (+2.5) 22
Brisbane 18 vs *Gold Coast (+8.5) 26
*Penrith (+6.5) 19 vs Roosters 10
Bulldogs (+3.5) 12 vs *St.George 36

*denotes Handicap winner
Next Weeks Games

Canberra vs Sharks
Gold Coast vs Warriors
NQld vs Wests Tigers
Melbourne vs Newcastle
Souths vs Penrith
Parramatta vs Brisbane
Manly vs St.George
Roosters vs Bulldogs

home teams listed first
Information, Changes and Summary

$120 Handicap Knockout No.2 Week 7 - you must select at least three winners to stay alive (4 still in)

Top Score this Round - 19pts Dean Stapleton and John Malone (average 9.7pts)

Rds 9-16 Overall leading scores - 73pts Dean Stapleton, 67pts Peter Escott
Rds 9-16 Handicap leading scores - 33pts Dean Stapleton

Finals Series Competition (refer to Finals Series Entry page for complete scores)
A-Z Top 3 Teams - B 494pts, K 489pts, L 482pts
(add the scores of the top 3 players linked to the letter)
Leading Handicap Club/s - Cba, Manly 61%

** Your screen is too narrow to view all Tipster Ladder columns **

Tipster Ladder
Finals SeriesRound 13 ScoresPrevious RoundsAll UpRounds 9-17
11Karen Escott*BBull66129563160172322456
22Geoff ClayJNewc64109264158168312962
38Peter EscottLManly89179454150167372867
46Lionel WilliamsonKRoost66129357152164302454
53Reg WalshGNewc64109260154164352966
610Neil TaylorKMelb86149158149163352762
711Belinda BlayneyDGC86149356149163352459
87Tony HarrisIParra66129356151163312154
917BJ MaloneKRoost89179055145162342357
104Michael BownABris6289951154162331752
1114Chris RyanBWar69159848146161332760
125John PurcellBBull4489162153161322759
139Mario SimonettiPWT64109157150160241842
1418Robert GrayMSouth86149055145159281644
1513Mark Young*LManly66129057147159262450
1615Anthony Sheedy*GPenr66129649145157392463
1732John GalluzzoLShks89179148139156342559
1835Michael BlaserEManly89178851139156282149
1912Greg NoyesABris4488959148156282755
2042Dean Stapleton*KMelb109198155136155403373
2136Charbel HatemLShks86149244138152412566
2238Rocky PeruginiOWar86149444138152351651
2319Vince NevinLShks4489549144152322557
2431Marion WestonJNewc66128851139151262753
2526Peter DempseyJPenr64109150141151302050
2627Marc TaylorJPenr64109249141151331649
2721Maurice CurachCCba2689350143151262450
2822Danny WhiteAWT6288656142150282149
2920Steve StantonPBris4269153144150262046
3033Barry SpenceMGC64109346139149302050
3134Greg ChalmersKMelb64109148139149261238
3216Trevor CollinsFMelb2249251145149282250
3353Peter NobleGPenr69158548133148312354
3428Ken WilsonMGC4489543140148281442
3537Robert RaynerHParra4489048138146242044
3639John BradridgeHNQld4488751138146221234
3740Mark OBrienGNewc4489444138146301848
3844Phil ToddOBull64108550135145282452
3947James IrvingDGC64108649135145301848
4049Russell BoynsNCba64108847135145281442
4129David DowneyGPenr4269148139145281846
4224Peter DavidsonCStG2248851141145261844
4325Simon ByronMGC2249447141145281442
4461John DicksonAWT49138645131144201535
4550Deane RowleyHNQld46108351134144241842
4641Peter ToddMSouth5389640136144291544
4723Shea MoorCCba2029646142144261238
4872Peter HannahPBris86148247129143352459
4960Paul JacombsHParra66128744131143302050
5062Connie SpenceLManly66128843131143322052
5159Jemima ToddPBris84128150131143362864
5254Alan KatzmannINQld64108746133143312051
5343Tom FrankKRoost4489342135143271239
5445Jim HenneyCCba4488451135143262248
5586John MaloneFMelb109198142123142382765
5666Dave HarveyBBull66128842130142242044
5767Ross KingFRoost66128345130142282250
5869Clint WallisJNewc66128248130142241640
5951John HermsenEManly6288648134142321446
6071Terry RowneyIParra84128247129141342458
6164Maria RootsCStG64108546131141302050
6255Ross CaveOWar4488746133141292049
6346Robbie BashaNStG4268253135141272350
6430Gerry BraddonEShks2029247139141281240
6577Ashton CarmichaelDSouth86149036126140332053
6670Clive GrayAWT64108743130140261440
6752Gary PhillipsFRoost4268747134140321345
6879Olga LauricellaOBull86148243125139342963
6982Steve WestonNCba86148342125139341852
7074Tony CliftBWar66128344127139302050
7163Danny DowneyGNewc6288942131139301040
7248Lump RamsayMSouth2248748135139241438
7365JT FelschHNQld4488446130138262046
7468Gary ArmitageDGC6288246130138261440
7575Steve MulallyNCba64108542127137301444
7657Max WoodOBull2248647133137211132
7756Shaun FroggattBWar4048746133137261642
7888Les NikoCCba86148337122136301646
7958Michael HarrisABris2248052132136251843
8084Clint AdamsBBull66127944123135302252
8187Joe BromhamDSouth66128439123135312354
8289Annie MustowFRoost66127447121133292958
8380The ChampsCStG4488540125133242044
8481Aaron ShieldsOWar4487946125133241842
8573Mary MoroneyINQld4268047127133221537
8676Vanessa McCoyNStG4267848126132282048
8785Teagan CaveINQld4487944123131261844
8883Lyn McGovernDSouth4267845125131201232
8992Fernandos ChickenPWT64107644120130261440
9093Mark AdamsEShks73107842120130252146
9178Peter MaloneFMelb2248244126130201030
9295Wasim KhanEManly66128136117129282048
9390David RootsNStG4267843121127261440
9491Niall KearneyJPenr4268140121127241236
9594John McGovernEShks4268039119125221739
9696Greg MeehanHParra4267839117123281846
9797John ByrnesIParra2247046116120181432
9898Froggy SmithPWT2247334107111141024
9999Danny HannahABris3366932101107251540